Wednesday, 3 September 2014

How To Add Menu In Blogspot / Blogger 2016

Everyone knows that Blogspot is one of the most powerful blog builder in the world. It has many users worldwide. Now i am telling you that how you can add a beautiful & stylish css3 menu in your Blogger / blogspot.Last Updated On: 03/09/2016

> Login to your Blogger dashboard and click pages next below to posts
> By default you will have a home page. Now create a new blank page
> Give a well suited page title and fill out your content
As it’s mentioned above pages are static and you shouldn’t allow visitors to comment on pages

On right side choose page settings >> options with gear symbol and select “Don’t allow” for comments
Click “publish” once done. Now your page is live.

Adding pages in Blogger tab menu

With above mentioned method we hope you successfully created your pages. To add your pages in menu go to dashboard >> pages and select show pages as “Top tabs” or “Side links” and click save arrangement. Now refresh your site you can see your page menus.
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Sunday, 20 July 2014

How to Make a Facebook Profile Picture ?

Your profile picture helps people recognize you on Facebook. To add a profile picture or change your current profile picture below is the method to change your facebook profile pic in no time.
  1. Go to your profile and hover over your profile picture
  2. Click Update Profile Picture to edit your picture
  3. Choose whether you want to:
    • Pick a photo you already uploaded to Facebook
    • Take a new photo
    • Upload a photo from your computer
    • Remove your current photo
You can use any of the photos you've uploaded to Facebook, or photos your friends have uploaded, if you'retagged in them:
  1. Click on the photo you want to use to expand it
  2. Hover over the photo and select Options
  3. Click Make Profile Picture
  4. Crop the photo and click Done Cropping
Keep in mind, your current profile picture is public.

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Last Updated On: 03/09/2016

Thursday, 9 January 2014

Latest Trick Ufone Free Internet 2014 GPRS

Here is ufone free internet trick latest working 100%
just follow below steps.

Connection Settings For Ufone free Internet >
        Setup a new connection: Ufone.internet 2014
        Access points> Ufone.pmms.gprs
        Connection name: Ufone
        Data Bearer: Packet Data
        Access point name: ufone.pinternet
        Username & password: ufone
        Prompt Password: NO
        Authentication: Normal
        Options>Advanced settings> Set your phone IP address? Automatic
        Now Go to Connection settings Again>Packet Data> Access Point> ufone.pinternet2016
Last Updated On: 03/09/2016